UCS Logistics

UCS Logistics is an IT Asset Management company that specializes in handling large companies IT Hardware. In order to increase sales and online presence, Behind Selling implemented a website, created blog content, and strategically gained SERP authority through SEO that ultimately increased conversions and revenue.
  • Automated content to increase ranking
  • Increased CTR with SEO Strategies
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And they're off! 🏁

When UCS came to us they told us about their situation, and right away the Behind Selling team sprang into action as we brainstormed pain points. UCS had one goal, which was to get leads and increase conversions of their website. Although most other teams would've applied a one-size-fits-all template to the situation, we decided more research was needed to discover why UCS wasn't meeting their own expectations.

Find & Seek 🔍

Before commencing the project, extensive research was conducted to understand UCS Logistics' target audience and competitors. We also collaborated closely with the client to identify their goals and objectives, as a website should represent both the user and the client to attract quality leads. We discovered that their current website was not targeting the right keywords, and also failed to target their main demographic. "The right message to the wrong audience is like a wink in the dark. You know what you did, but nobody else gets it." - Don Draper, Mad Men.

Now we're getting serious! 🖌️

Our design approach involves:

  • Identifying target demographics and creating a sales funnel for them
  • Investigating the company and its users to find the perfect visual aesthetic.
  • Interview users to create site copy that resonates with them
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes to visualize the website's structure
  • Implementing a modern and user-friendly design with an emphasis on professionalism

Once we layed all the pieces out in front of us it was easy to see how we could make things easier for the user, and so we iterated this process until we finalized an efficient web experience.

Lets build it! 🤓

As with all projects, our team first skecthed out a timeline and started creating goals based on this framework. For the website development, we utilized Webflow as our CMS, Chatgpt to streamline the blogs and content, and the Google suite to earn our client Domain Authority. We chose the stack based on both the limitations and affordances of the project.

Testing 1..2..3...🎙️

Testing UCS revlovled around two areas of focus. The first being user testing, so that we could ensure the website was laser focused on our target audience, and second; the optimize the page so that it gets higher domain authority and ease of use for the users.

Launch 🎬

The website was launched successfully, and post-launch activities included:

  • SEO optimization to improve search engine ranking
  • Ongoing monitoring of website performance
  • Implementation of a content strategy for the company blog

We're just getting started!

At BehindSelling we spend a lot of time testing and gathering metrics so that our results match our intentions. Because of our time tested methods our efforts yielded significant results, including:

  • A continual upward projection of their CTR
  • Increased leads through the contact page
  • Positive client testimonials praising the user-friendly website and informative blog content

We Make Happy Clients 😁

This project exemplifies the successful collaboration between Behind Selling and UCS Logistics, resulting in an enhanced online presence, increased sales, and improved user engagement.

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