Thomas Tech

ThomasTech is a Server Hardware company that gives Companies an alternative option when their warranties run out, without breaking the bank every time. They are an established company that needs an online presence to stay competitive. The BehindSelling team decided from our first meeting that we need to run an aggressive ad campaign to rope users in.
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Increased Sales and Authority
  • Targeted the right audience, setup data collection for future improvements
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And they're off! 🏁

Although they have been around for a while, ThomasTech hasn't formally established itself online to the masses. They came to BehindSelling with the intent to increase revenue, and gain SERP authority to get the most out of their new website.

Find & Seek 🔍

When it comes to running an aggressive ad campaign, BehindSelling has a few tricks up its sleeve. Because ThomasTech understands the importance of investing in advertising, we had the task of researching the best target demographic, and creating a user journey that they would be eager to be apart of.

Now we're getting serious! 🖌️

Designing for Thomastech had one focus: Clarity. Not only will users get to visit the sight to see the great deals, but the site also hosts information about hardware that most other websites fail to include. Because of this, Thomastech has a unique value, and BehindSelling likes to maximize what makes our clients unique.

Lets build it! 🤓

As with all projects, our team first skecthed out a timeline and started creating goals based on this framework. For the website development, we utilized Webflow as our CMS, Chatgpt to streamline the blogs and content, and the Google suite to earn our client Domain Authority. We chose the stack based on both the limitations and affordances of the project.

Testing 1..2..3...🎙️

Testing ThomasTech was an important part of its success. Without understand the people we are serving, creating an online experience that our target resonates with is close to impossible. We tested everything from heatmaps, to bounce rates, to CTR, and even conducted interviews that would help provide us with copy and vital opinions that shape the nature of the user.

Launch 🎬

Launch day for ThomasTech was exciting! Although a bit daunting for everybody, we were all eager to see the fruits of our labor pay off. At BehindSelling, we like to make launch days special by releasing targeted ads, email campaigns, content posting, and more to get the word out and get peoples feedback. Although our team likes a good celebration, we treat this days as a day of learning, so that we can make sure that tomorrow will be even better.

We're just getting started!

Now that launch day is over, its time for us to collect the data so that we can guarantee your future success. Our team is dedicated to extracting meaningful insights, pinpointing areas for improvement, and fine-tuning our strategies to maximize your growth and prosperity. Rest assured, our commitment to your success remains unwavering.

We Make Happy Clients 😁

This project exemplifies the successful collaboration between Behind Selling and ThomasTech, resulting in an enhanced online presence, increased sales, and improved user engagement.

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